Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bean Sprouts

bean sproutsBean sprouts plants is (sporofit) that recently evolved from embrionik stage in the seed. Sprout usually divided into three main sections: radikula (root of the fetus), hipokotil, and kotiledon (leaves the institution). Two classes of flowering plants, cut leaf is differentiated from the institution: monokotil and dikotil.

Bean sprout is often used as food and are classified as vegetables. In Asia Boga the bean sprouts as part of the menu is quite common. Bean sprout is healthy food that rich in vitamin E

Bean sprouts has health benefits that are useful to cure various diseases such as

1. Slow the process of natural old or make you shoot ageless
2. Increase fertility
3. help digestion
4. improve the health and vitality
5. cure stomach cramps
6. prevent hair fall
7. Anti-boil

With consume sprout in daily life which can be eaten raw, cook or mix with other food and vegetables, it will give health benefit and make you healthier and younger

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