Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to Prefent Flue from Your Body

Flue is a disease that almost every people have gotten experience and have affected flue light, medium or heavy, even though the flue is not considered to be off the disease, but it is quite frustrating when we exposed flue as day-to-day activities, we also will be less disturbed by this disease .

Flue can be prevented from ourselves, our families and to increase the body's natural immunity and our family so that our body strong, and be immune from the flue. Do with how to set up the food we eat.

Study in which food to eat, see your family's food, and make the necessary changes to ensure that all people who eat healthy foods with a well balanced diet, abundant in nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, low fat protein and complex carbohydrates.

Black currants contain more vitamin C of oranges, which contain about three times the recommended daily Feed for adults. It is important that you get lots of vitamin C because it helps prevent infection and help maintain healthy immune system.

Potato is one of the most affordable source of vitamin C, and complete all the sweet taste with high potassium and fiber. Skin that contains fiber and meat just under the skin contains the most vitamin C. Fresh potatoes are best source of vitamin C. Be careful about how you choose to prepare them, because they are soaking in water Robs them of their germ-busting vitamin C.

Brussel sprouts vegetables is a source of vitamin C, high in fiber and contain lots of folate also. They increase the anticarcinogenic glucosinolates, which have important cancer-fighting properties. They're a great addition to providing much in the boiled-fl busting nutrition.

Which include live yogurt culture has a positive effect on the GI system, and as a result, help the body purge the bacteria from the body more quickly and effectively, and against the flue. You want to yogurt containing L. active acidophilus cultures, which also help in the fight off yeast infections.

Whole wheat pasta is also rich in niacin, fiber, and iron. Complex carbohydrate, which is an important part of a healthy diet will maintain a strong immune system. Simply replace the traditional recipes call for whole wheat pasta with a variety of not for a delicious and nutritious twist on your favorite pasta dishes

Complete your breakfast with a glass of grapefruit juice, juice for a vitamin C-rich drink that sweet, and tart. However, you should check with your doctor if you are on medications for blood pressure, AIDS, anxiety, or hay fever, as mixing grapefruit juice with certain drugs can cause dangerous toxicity.

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