Sunday, June 01, 2008

Benefit of Shallot

fresh shallotNormally we use the Shallot as taste in the kitchen to make food more delicious, though shallots to wear for the rich flavor mix of kitchen really quersetin obstetric. Quersetin is natural flavonoids that have function as strong antioxidant. Flavone glycoside to Shallot can give as anti friction and murderer of the bacteria. Quersetin has functioning intestine to be lower risk of intestinal damage.

Some area rural villages have used Shallot to calm the fever, stomach pain flatulence, queasy, puking and catch a cold in children. their way to take 20 grams fresh Shallot, stop its shell lap until then fall to pieces, mixing 1-2 tablespoon palm oil still young. Then swirl until smooth, then rub Shallot tremble to children stomach

Shallot is easy to find and the price is cheap enough, so using shallot is not only make the food better but also make the body healthier

Benefit of Shallot

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