Saturday, October 16, 2010

Benefits of Betel Leaf

benefits of betel leafBetel leaf is known by many people as a plant that has many health benefits, especially for Asian people have long recognized the betel leaf which has a property to good health, and below are some benefits of betel leaf to humans health.

Take the 7 pieces of betel leaf and fine cut and take juga1 cut rock candy, boiled water to boil from 2 cups to 1 cup with rock sugar and betel leaves that have been finely chopped in it, then it is filtered water 1 cup and drink 3 times a day, each 3 tablespoons.

Take betel leaf as much as 4-6 pieces of finely ground pepper along with 6 seeds and 1 tablespoon coconut oil, then take the results of these collisions and then rub on the abdomen. Repeat until the diarrhea experienced lost
Another benefit of betel leaf is a treat nosebleed, how to take 1 piece of betel leaf and then rolled out while in the press for its oil and use it to clog the nose bleed.

If your toothache then you can try betel leaves to treat a sore tooth you way is to boil some betel leaves with 2 cups water to boil down to 1 cup water of betel leaf, then cooled and then gargle water of betel leaf in the mouth repeatedly until cured of toothache

Flour Albus
Another benefit of betel leaf is the treat of flour albus or white by taking 7 -10 pieces of betel leaf, and then boiled with 2.5 liters of water to boiling and use of betel leaf boiled water is still warm to wash and clean up around the genitals over and over again until flour albus recover

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