Monday, November 09, 2009

The Best Nutritional Vitamins and Herb Supplements Revealed

By Ric Hawkins

herb supplementsWhen it comes to nutritional vitamins and herb supplements, there is much to choose from so what distinguishes a high quality supplement from a poorer one? Here are some tips to help guide you.

Experts agree the best way is to take a combined product of different vitamins, minerals, herb extracts, antioxidants and more to reap the health rewards. When expertly combined they form a powerful synergistic mix.

Nutritional vitamins and herb supplements blended this way enable you to get not only the benefits of each individual ingredient, but also the benefit from their interaction with each other.

Piperine from black pepper is a good example of this as when combined with curcumin extract from turmeric it helps the absorption rate by the body of curcumin increase by 2000%! This means there is no need for expensive large doses and the potential side effects of these.

To get the maximum rewards it is also necessary for the supplement of choice to have an enteric coating. This is more expensive than the usual veggie caps, and prevents the contents and impact being lost to the stomach acid. Instead it is released in the upper intestine along with the full benefits.

When nutritional vitamins and herb supplements have this coating, it also shows that the manufacturer cares about its product and wants you to get the most from it, often absorbing the considerable extra cost themselves.

You may also find, like I did, that the best place to find these types of supplements is online, as with lower overheads, more resources can be put into the ingredients and a better product results. Due diligence is always necessary online, but if you follow the tips here you will find the best ones.

It is only now here in the West we are waking up to the immense power and preventative nature of nutritional vitamins and herb supplements, whereas they have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine, but better late than never!

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Discover the best nutritional vitamins and herb supplements today.

Ric Hawkins is a dedicated researcher of nutrition, diet and quality health supplements Discover the very latest and effective nutritional health supplements Ric recommends after extensive research.

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