Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nutrition Healthy

nutrition healthyNutrition healthy is good for our body which is made our body healthier, and people who have a healthy body and a balanced diet can usually control easily their weight and keep it balanced, and they know it is good sample for their family, children or friends.

For women who are pregnant, healthy nutrient and healthy diet are very important where it will make healthier yourself and for the baby in the womb your stomach and it brings better reproduction and better fetal for you, also reduce the likelihood of disease or potential complications with your baby.

There are some tips that can help you to get nutrition healthy better as below:

1. Healthy Food
Healthy food choices that are the main things for nutrition healthy, this is an important part in your healthy diet, Select the type of nutrition healthy foods with the recommended amount in your daily diet programs, including various kinds of grains, fruits and vegetables. When this set of categories to meet you and your hunger, the healthy way you will feel the effect in time.

2. Cut your fat food
It is important not to cut fat food for healthy diet. Only 30% of the calories in your daily diet should come from Fats. When you choose the food make sure to choose the nutrition healthy foods that low saturated fat and cholesterol, because cholesterol is the number one killer of women and men that are associated with heart problems.

3. Cut sugar consumption
Choose foods that content low or medium in the sugar because sugar is responsible for producing insulin, and if you start high sugar in the morning, your body will want to keep the insulin levels up and will call for sugar throughout day. With high level insulin, the cells will be programmed not to lose fat and weight, so loosing weight can be better managed by cutting your sugar consumption.

4. Exercise
If you really want to succeed in your healthy diet program and weight loss quickly, beside consumption nutrition healthy foods and then you should do a regular physical exercise. Physical exercise, including a healthy lifestyle as well as with the balanced diet. Healthy body with regular exercise can help you find your ideal body faster

Nutrition Healthy

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Char said...

I just posted a blog on sugar, I completely 1000% agree. So many people think they are eating healthy and consume a lot of sugar. Very informative!

Hope you have a great 4th!

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