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4 Less Known Benefits of Aloe Vera, Beside Shampoo and Skin Care

benefits of aloe veraBy Andrea Scarpetta

  • Aloe Vera nutrients bring balance to bodily fluids and organs
  • The need to get back to "nature" is a strong one, at all levels. For example Celebrities have to look beautiful but new trend is focusing on becoming beautiful from the inside out. Celebs and others have been congregating en masse to green spas in a quest to eliminate toxins and repair cells that have been damaged from pollution and stress.

  • Aloe Vera for athletes
  • People need to train constantly in order to get the best of their life (be it work, sport or sex). So people obsessed with this kind of behaviour may risk a condition called "over-training": their adrenal glands must cope with the stressing requirements of a constant training condition. In the end the glands are depleted and they fail to regulate hormonal levels, causing serious problems. People over-trained tend to exhibit low hemoglobin, scarce hematocrit and even anemia!

    Aloe vera antioxidants are know to help combat this condition, even thought nothing beat some rest and a balanced food diet.

  • Aloe Vera for your hearth wellness
  • Eat, eat, eat! That's the boring song of food marketing during the last years. The indiscriminate abuse of fats has lead to an increasing rate of Arteriosclerosis on the general populace. it's not that hard to imagine what happens when your blood vessels are damaged: you risk a stroke!

    Aloe has been shown in clinical studies to lower triglycerides and the 'bad cholesterol', LDL. These intensive studies suggest that when aloe is added to the daily diet, symptoms and signs of coronary artery disease disappear or are vastly reversed.

  • Aloe Vera help teeth health
  • Our mouth is a melting pot of germs and bacteria, so it's quite obvious that in order to keep it perfectly health you need to consume healthy foods, brush regularly and floss with care. only give you superficial protection against plaque, germs, and bacteria. Most of us lead such busy lives, however, that it is hard to get a regular intake of healthy foods.

    Aloe vera is a natural anti-fungal as well as a natural anti-bacterial plant. Aloe vera works wonders for dental health and protects the sensitive and fragile tissues of the mouth when consumed internally.

    Andrea Scarpetta
    Aloe Vera Benefits

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