Friday, April 10, 2009

Watermelon Fruit

watermelon fruitWatermelon fruit (citrullus lanatus) also called tembikai, and semangka is both fruit and vine plant that came from the dry tropical and subtropical Africa, and developed rapidly to many countries such as South Africa, China, Japan, and Indonesia.

Watermelon in the family, including pumpkin-Labuan (Cucurbitaceae) on the local origin is preferred by the human / animal on the continent, because many contain water, so that a fast spreading.

Watermelon fruit is usually eaten fresh or made watermelon juice, and dried watermelon seeds, content of watermelon seeds can be eaten, usually called kuwaci, while the Skin can also be made watermelon pickle such as cucumber pickle or squash-type Labuan others.

Watermelon skin has a hard, dense green or light green, fleshy fruit and meat is red or yellow . Watermelon fruit, in general, globe-shaped large, but have also oval, square, and triangle, with general weight between 2 kg to 4 kg

Benefits of watermelon fruit

The combination with water and potassium content of the watermelon can be relied on as a food diuretika, to stimulate secretion in urine more downpours. Very well to help make it difficult for interference and prevent interference in the bladder, such as urine stones. Eating watermelon is also good for lowering fever.

Watermelon red marks on the high degree likopen, one of the components karotenoid as betakaroten. Therefore, eating watermelon red more than the recommended yellow watermelon. compound other antioxidants, especially vitamin C and vitamin E, the strength to fight radical likopen watermelon is much more powerful. Each one molecule of likopen able to spend some free radical molecules. Likopen watermelon seeds are also able to destroy cancer. likopen assisted substances other antioxidants in watermelon, betakaroten is able to re-invigorate cells that have faded already damaged by free radicals

Eating watermelon fruit regularly in addition to creating a healthy body we can also create a luminous face, looks fresh and younger. For those who are old, watermelon is not only to help restore health faster interference, but also help improve mental sharpness and power remember

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