Monday, April 26, 2010

Proteins Food

Benefits of Proteins Food for Human Body

proteins foodProtein is one of the most important elements for human body because it serves as the structural proteins that build and guide the development of the human body from childhood to adulthood and make human beings unique creature it is today. And the need for protein can be met by consuming various types of proteins food

Proteins food is food that contain lots of protein, where the protein is a source of nitrogen in the human body. Proteins break down food into nutrients that can be used in the cell. As an anti-body, and protects the body from various kinds of diseases. Amino acids in the proteins are useful in helping the body tissue formation.

Consumption of proteins food in the right amount can help the body to remain healthy and there are many types of protein foods that can be consumed and some of them are

Seafood is a lot of foods containing protein because seafood contains a lot of omega3 fatty acids are known to have a positive impact on heart health. This also can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, lower triglycerides, and lower cholesterol, prevent blood clotting, and lower blood pressure

Cheese, milk, yogurt is a proteins food that also contain calcium which is useful to prevent osteoporosis, maintain strong bones and teeth as well as improving weight loss.

Other food proteins exist is egg where the egg is one type of protein foods that are cheaper and can be enjoyed safely every day by adults

Tofu or Soy is a source of proteins food that can be consumed every day, this type of protein foods can reduce the risk of heart disease, help lower cholesterol and help prevent low-fat diet programs work better with a blend of protein foods such as tofu or soy foods

Grams of lean beef has only one more saturated fat than a skinless chicken breast. Lean meat as a source of protein also contains various minerals is good for the health of the body such as vitamin B12, iron, and zinc

Proteins food can be prepared in various ways such as baked, steamed, boiled, fried, but if you are in a diet program, it is necessary to avoid fried for foods protein so that your diet programs can run with more optimal

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