Monday, June 23, 2008

The Secret to Weight Loss: The No-Diet Plan to Lose Weight and Keep it Off


You want to know the secret to weight loss? Why diets work for some, but not for others? The truth is we don’t have just one mouth to feed; we have four. Aside from our physical bodies, we have a mental, emotional and spiritual body, all of whom equally require nourishment. If any of our bodies are not fed, we will feel unsatisfied and head for the refrigerator.

Satisfying each body depends on our ability to accurately answer the question, what am I hungry for? By knowing what each of our bodies is hungry for, we can give each what it needs. The desire to consume will then no longer consume us. For example, the emotional body is satisfied by attention and awareness. Its purpose is to provide information and direction in making decisions. To lose weight, you can nourish the emotional body by reading the messages of your emotions and respecting their guidance. If ignored, these messages will get louder, and you will use food to stuff them down. But eating never satisfies the cravings of the emotional body. When we disregard the emotional body’s communications, we become overweight, hate ourselves, and feel frustrated.

Conversely, if we allow our emotions to deliver their messages and make choices based on their guidance, we will no longer crave the chips or cookies. Instead, our lives will reflect our highest selves, and we will experience new levels of joy and satisfaction.

The mental body is nourished by meaning. It analyzes problems, and devises action plans to help us achieve our goals. We form beliefs, rules, judgments and decisions to assist us in deciding what the events in our lives mean. As we have new experiences, it may be necessary to rethink our beliefs, rules, judgments and attitudes. By changing our minds, we automatically change our lives. Allow yourself to flow with the process of life. Meaning is born out of this flow. When life is meaningful, it becomes fulfilling.

The spiritual body is nourished by inspiration. To inspire means to affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence. Divine influence is experienced through vision, purpose, passion, and intuition, all of which are forms of higher guidance. Inspiration points to the next step on the path. It provides the motivation to move forward, try again, risk, or make that leap of faith. To lose weight, be open to inspiration. Listen to the silence, meditate, pray or commune with nature, and maintain a sincere desire to receive.

The Living Lean Lifestyle program will show you how to lose weight by living close to the core of your being. Discover how to obtain full awareness of your needs and learn how to satisfy them. As you master the awareness and skills that nourish each of your four bodies, your relationship to food will transform. Instead of living to eat, you will eat to live. Excess weight will drop away. The fulfillment and satisfaction of the Living Lean Lifestyle will then be yours.

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