Thursday, October 16, 2008

Natural Health Benefits: How do making the stomach return normal after bearing

natural health benefitAfter the birth abdominal muscles will relax usually accompanied by the emergence of sketch-white sketch everywhere, this is normal, but still leave shame on women. If you want your stomach again as the original, fast and smooth way are as follows:

Toss in one place, 3 tablespoons whiting mixed with 2 spoons of the eucalyptus oil and lemon facial one size smaller. Stir well to form flat dough such as toothpaste, and then place the stomach and waist and wide, and then wrapping the stomach with a length of cloth. Make night before bed. In the morning while bathing cleans the stomach from the remaining dough, and repeat a similar process, do this 1 week after birth, each day up to 40 days, your stomach will be proved again fast and smooth as the original

stomach after bearing

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